Touring Romania: The Danube Delta and a Citadel

Being a long-term visitor in a country allows us to soak it all in. In recent trips I was able to visit the Danube Delta and a citadel officially from the 1300’s (some date it back to the 1200’s). The natural beauty of Romania is tremendous.

Appreciate the Danube Delta

Calling it a biosphere is fitting. Situated where the Danube flows into the Black Sea is the Danube Delta. It sits in Romania, yet it does provide a natural border between Romania and Ukraine. I was privileged to visit and ride around in a boat with an amateur photographer.

Some call the Delta a bird-watchers paradise. But when it comes to seeing animals my timing for a visit was a bit off. In September it is typical for much of the wildlife to have already begun its winter migration. I did get a chance to see a number of pelicans, which I took as a treat.

It was the first and, possibly only visit I’ll have to the region. I count myself as being lucky.

Cool European architecture

In Rasnov there is a citadel some say was built between 1211 – 1215, although the first evidence of it being documented relates to a Tatar invasion in 1335. Who was it built by? Romanians! In the Bran Valley there are other fortifications such as Bran castle. The reason for a concentration of fortifications is that this area was a primary spot to defend against invaders. It is a treat to visit places oozing with this type of history. In fact, Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler, led the country’s defense from these locations among others.

You’ll notice in the photos the citadel has much to it. There are a lot of buildings inside. During battles/wars villagers would live inside. In a very serious sense this is how people survived an invasion.