Brother Visited!

Recently my brother, Erik, visited us in Bucharest. It was cool to have a family member visit while living here. He certainly made the most of it. He ran a 10k, saw his nephew at an important development stage and also saw Dracula’s castle (Bran castle). Together we even added a brother’s trip to Rome as the icing on the cake.

My brother hides his adventurous side well. He let it out while here. The boldness to sign-up for a 10k in Romania should be commended. His international experience is limited and Romania is a country Americans do not typically know much about. As a first impression of the country, race organizers were not helpful at telling us where he should pick up his race gear. Finding his gear worked out fine, but it took some detective work on our part by using Facebook. And while running the race, during that exact hour of the day, a hard rain storm hit. So Erik’s first impression of Romania was that of being disorganized with a little bit of unpredictable weather added in.

Upon the race ending Erik spent time with his nephew. Frankly, every day in Bucharest Erik played with Isaac. As the dad I loved it (and Isaac’s mom did too)! Being an uncle is a nice spot in life and Erik is excellent at it. And according to Erik Dracula’s castle was fun 🙂

In the middle of Erik’s visit we got on a regional budget airline, Wizz Air, and flew to Rome. Fortunately for us I have two good friends living in Rome, Stacey Pollack and Adam Avni. These two lovebirds just got married the other day. While staying with our wonderful hosts we got so see both the touristy side of Rome and the local side. All of it was tremendous.

Erik, it was fun!!!

Photos below.

Coliseum at night.
Erik and I at the Coliseum.
View of the Romun Forum ruins from Palatine Hill.
This is Erik. Enjoying what he called, “the best Italian dinner he ever had.”
Erik and I eating the same dinner.
Me, drinking a chocolate coffee.
All four of us, from left to right, Stacey, me, Erik and Adam.
All four of us from left to right, Stacey, Adam, me and Erik.


Stacey and me.
View of the Arch of Constantine from the Coliseum.
Window in the Coliseum.

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