time with family

As life continues its course, we evolve. One of the benefits I see from moving to Romania for one year is spending time as a family unit. Each day I get to spend more time with my son and wife. On top of that the unplanned meeting of unknown family members has even happened – while in Oslo, Norway. All this merges to be a fantastically privileged spot in life.

Right now our son is at his school/nursery/daycare/kindergarten/gradinita – I have found that each of these words is necessary to tell people he is in daycare. That happens with cross-cultural communication. I refer to it as his school in day-to-day conversations. The reason being, he learns a whole lot while there. He has learned manners, saying ‘please’ or ‘thank you,’ how to share, how to be open to new experiences, and much more. Simply put, our young boy’s smile and fun personality contribute to a wonderful life for me. School has helped that. Each day I get time to play with him. Lately Legos are his thing.

Spending time with my wife is another added benefit. Each day we get to know each other at a deeper level. This has its positives and negatives 🙂 At the foundational level we mesh well. The positive aspect of our desire to experience all life has to offer works out. I bet on the surface it appears that we get along perfectly. I can tell you that we do to a point. As with most relationships, this requires tough conversations about what we are each thinking and then discovering potential gaps of knowledge we happen to take for granted. For example, she commonly hears me speak of my career aspirations. From the way I speak a reasonable person such as her would think I equally have 20 to 30 different directions I may go. But the truth is I have only a handful. So I need to communicate that to her rather than assume she can read my mind. Living in a foreign country together has slowly, but surely, improved my ability to communicate with her. Although the improvement may be marginal. It is there nonetheless.

A wonderful added benefit while living here is that our trips around Europe allow the chance to meet European family members. I got the chance to meet some of Brooke’s relatives in Naples, Italy. In fact, recently we were in Oslo. I happened to post on Facebook that we were in Norway and my cousin Susan said I have family members there. Of course, I already knew that I have Norwegian ancestors. But I did not know modern day relatives are in touch. This kind of thing can easily be passed over. So as a nice twist of fate I have also been able to meet extended relatives, I did not know about, in Oslo.

Traveling together has been quite a highlight. However, with all this family togetherness there are some downfalls. I can be quite annoying when spending 24×7 with me. Fortunately, there are other areas of focus for us. It is a lot of hard work and we get better at it every day.

Below are photos, mostly our boy.


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