Genuine Interest in a Topic Really Really Really Really Matters A LOT

Before we set off for Romania a large amount of people asked if we would study Romanian. Immediately I would respond with a “Yes, however fluency in the language is not what I’m after.” That statement of mine has come to fruition. I can say hello, thank you and a few other phrases in Romanian. I can even understand a few. Through the process of using mobile apps, books, blogs and internet sites the language has come to be more familiar than before. Yet after a month my interest in learning Romanian has already decreased.

From what I can tell there are two major reasons to lose interest in studying the language where a person lives; lack of necessity to learn it and interests being pulled other directions.

Flat out, there is no necessity to learn Romanian. Each day I have gotten by using English and other means of communication. Getting to a level of conversational Romanian would take much more of my time than I am prepared to give. Moreover, it is not that hard to understand plenty of Romanian words and phrases when viewing written text. For instance, take a look at the photo of Romania’s National Institute of Statistics. As an English speaking person no translation is needed.

Time is valuable. With limited time to spend on this planet I want to do numerous activities. A funny turn of events occurred with language learning. In the past week I have started to study up on how to write Python code. This is the equivalent of learning another language. The truth is Python is a language I feel will add more value to my life going forward. I also am finding a genuine interest in studying Python. I can’t say the same for Romanian.

It seems to me a lesson I have learned over and over in life is presenting itself again. Our interests will pull us in the direction we should go. So when it comes to studying a language not only do I need to see a long-term use (meaning beyond this year), I also need to have a genuine interest. As a result, another language has jumped in and supplanted Romanian. That language is Python. I see this as having more long-term use and more interesting. Funny how life has a way of doing this kind of thing to us.

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