Quick Post: Youtube is the cross-cultural communicator

Yesterday I visited the butcher. The same butcher Brooke mentioned in her post the other day. This was the experience.

Before going I knew the three items to purchase:

  1. Cow bones (to make broth)
  2. Ground beef
  3. Ribeye steaks

Prior to going I asked Brooke how she purchased ground meat. I knew the right word and everything. This made it easy for items 1 and 2 above. Item 3 is where it got interesting.

To order the ribeye I did research on what word Romanians use. It is referred to as a ribeye or cowboy (bone-in) cut of meat. It can be ordered at restaurants and, menus even use this exact terminology. As I should have expected the workers at the butcher had no idea what I was talking about. What we have here is a perfect example of a communication barrier. The question: how do we bridge it?

In these circumstances the best way for me to communicate is visual. So body language is useful. But also videos and pictures. I found this video on youtube to show what I wanted. It is a butcher carving every steak from an entire cow. In it you will see the ribeye at minute 11:27. Armed with this video I was able to show the butcher where in a cow’s ribcage the steak comes from. It is not an exaggeration to say as soon as the butcher saw the video, me gesticulating at the steak video and all the other shenanigans a lightbulb illuminated in his mind. He put his finger in the air, gave an “ah ha!” and ran to the back. In his hands was a large piece of meat. It had all the rib bones removed since these are used for soup broth in Romania.

One other point about the steaks, cost. It only cost $6 (23 lei) for four steaks. Total weight of approximately 2 pounds.

All in all – Good times! The steaks are aging now. Tomorrow night we eat.



2 thoughts on “Quick Post: Youtube is the cross-cultural communicator

    1. Too funny! If this were a chic a fila scheme, it would be so elaborate I might not mind being a shill. But in the meantime we can eat that chicken 🙂


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