Want to lose half an inch off your waistline?!

Want to lose half an inch off your waistline?! (heat, walking around and food quality)

We have been here two weeks. A phenomenon has been observed. Brooke first brought it up. From the fit of our clothing, we noticed each has lost about an inch off our waistline. After throwing ideas around with Brooke, there are three likely reasons; heat, walking all over the place and food quality.

Isaac is in love with ice cream. First, he adoringly gazes.

In my earlier post the heat was brought up. Yes, it was 90 to 100+ Fahrenheit each day. But we have adapted. Here is a screenshot of the temperature on August 3rd.

That was our second day here. It was toasty. That said, it didn’t have too big of an impact on us. Except for when we walk around…

Then he eyes it up. Gets a strong idea of how good it will taste. Eats it!

Walking in our neighborhood is currently the best way to get around. Once we get bikes we will be riding for our errands. Until then, we are walkers!! While getting our ~ 10,000 steps a day, we are shedding those pounds. As many of you know we need to go for walks with our dog, Jethro. He really needs it. We also walk the area to learn the neighborhood and city. We walk to get household goods (which can be difficult to figure out). Lastly, we walk to get food…

Gets bored with it and goes to the grassy park nearby.

Food! This is different in Bucharest and, quite frankly, Europe. Different standards are in place. Almost every other day (maybe closer to every day) I have had a chocolate croissant, or in Romanian, corn cu ciocolata, or a lot of labels use French so they say pains au chocolat. The taste is different. The cause for the different taste? The flavor is simply chocolate and bread. No added corn oils. No added dyes. To me the flavor is much better and more to the point, the food is a healthier. Another factor with food is portion sizes. We have stopped to get ice cream a few times now. The portion size for a scoop is around ¼ the U.S.

This is an example of packaged chocolate croissants. The freshly baked ones (not pictured) are what I have been eating.

Not everyone is able to jump from the U.S. to Europe for a year. So most cannot do the ‘leave the U.S. for a year weight loss program.’ The point is we notice differences. The impact on our bodies is great. And Isaac loves the foods, especially the ice cream.

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