The purpose of this blog is to explore my thoughts and the world around me. This is a broad objective so topics may appear disconnected. The intersection between topics is me. My interests drive the site’s direction. These are current interests:

  1. My year in Bucharest. It started August 1, 2017.
  2. The place of men in our culture. How men may focus on inner growth and continue to become a better version of themselves. For me, this will end up connecting with hunting, the male mind-set, and nature.
  3. Evolution of culture over thousands of year up to the recent era.
  4. Health for all people, especially me.
  5. Family. I have a wife, son and dog. My interest here hammers in on creating a space for our son’s development.
Our dog, Jethro, doing what he does 23 1/2 hours a day, resting
Our wedding on a beach. It was a beautiful day.








Me with an owl (not a lot of solo photos of me).
With my son resting on the couch. It does not happen enough.


Sources for this information typically come to me from Podcasts. An intention of mine is to credit sources. At times this may not be the original source. Although I fully intend to make a best effort.

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